Selfless Giving. Is it a word for future hope or past nostalgia?

I say it is a present need. A stimulating duty, which we have to perform towards our fellow-beings, because at our own turn, we have received it as well. Enthusiastic MEP's of the European Parliament have recommended the establishment of a European Day of Giving. Now, one might ask, is that really relevant?! Couldn't we be reminded every day that there are people in need and help them without focusing on a special day? That might be true - in an ideal society. But in the ageing, crisis-stricken, increasingly secularized mother Europe it just might not be so. We are used to the Church taking care of the poor and the State nurturing the sick, but that is a very narrow-minded view of giving. It is enough to give a ‘shoe-box full of love' or to give your clothes that you don't fancy anymore away, because there are always people worst-off than us...and in the time when even a day for snowman and awesomeness exists, it is easy to forget about giving.


So yes, it is important that such a Day would exist, because even if it wouldn't generate miracles, it would make people more aware. And as we all know it, awareness is half-way towards a miracle.

What better example could be raised here than our own, the Students Without Boundaries program? We were all granted the life-changing opportunity to participate in the camp because of selfless acts of others. Who, at their turn were made aware of the importance of this help by others. The annual fund-raising event holds strong for this argument. The Rákóczi family has helped thousands of students to dare to dream. I'm sure it wasn't always easy, but the results are astonishing. What have we learned from them?

2011 is the European Year of Volunteering. What better time to think about giving if not now? We know about the political, demographical and national problems that the EU is facing. We won't solve the euro-crisis nor abolish the economical differences between East and West, but we sure can feed a hungry mouth or teach an illiterate poor child today.

The petition, initiated by the MEP's, surprisingly got a very low rate of subscribers. Is it because they have more arduous dilemmas on their mind or because they are selfless without the creation of a separate day? I wish it would be the second. This is not about condemning anyone, we are not entitled to that. But we can affirm, shout and howl how good it is to give! And even if we don't want to, it WILL turn back upon us, because of the invisible thread that binds us all together.

Solidarity. Lost, and found? We are still capable of it aren't we? What is it that makes us all human? Selfless acts.. We have it inside and now we have to prove it with the smallest effort of signing a paper, so millions of people could get informed about the ways of helping others. Because however obvious it might seem, sometimes we don't even know about the manifold possibilities of giving, of finding the right cause, for which we are willing to put our heart in. The Students Without Boundaries program wouldn't exist without dissemination of information. And that's exactly what this Day would be about!

European Day of Giving. Please sign.