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The Rakoczi Foundation aims to contribute to conflict resolution in Central East European countries, promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding via the establishment of a network of Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian and Ukrainian youth.

European Day of Giving - supported by Rakoczi Foundation

European solidarity is not just a word in treaties and used by politicians. We believe in the good will of our fellow men. We support the idea to raise awareness on the importance of giving, the value of donation. We also call on the European Parliament to establish the european Day of Giving.

La Viale Heritage

Tábor éve: 2003

People coming, people leaving. Always new faces around. Some of them for a night or two, others for weeks, months. At first strangers then familiar faces then real friends. Your little room where one can be on her own, dining room where onealways can find people to talk to or sing together. „Aquarium” - the indispensable source of internet. And you look out of the window – and some new faces again. The never ending circle of La Viale – a real community in the heart of Brussels.

But who is from India?!

...was the surprised question of the Rákóczi-facebook-group moderator when accounting for the followers. There were lots of people naturally from the four target-countries (Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine) and some from other EU-countries, wherever the wind of change has spread these beautiful minds, but India just seemed a little bit out of reach of the Rákóczi-boundaries. Well, I tell you what, it's not. Because the Rákóczi-feeling has no boundaries!

Youth for the Future - seminar report

KOMARNO, APRIL 16-18, 2010.
The Rákóczi Family Circle organized a seminar in Komarno, April 16-18, 2010, on how the youth could gain control over their future. With the help of professional team builders, the participants during the numerous group sessions were able to elaborate some actual plans regarding the future of the Rákóczi Foundation and they also worked out some ideas on how could they have a larger influence on the future of Europe.

Scholarship information

The Rakoczi Foundation annually awards a minimum of twelve to a maximum of twenty scholarships to deserving students who are already part of the Rakoczi Family Circle -they have participated in the Students Without Boundaries program. The scholarships are for students who are Hungarian minorities living in Romania, the former Yugoslavia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

The wonders of the Students Without Boundaries Program

Well, this is the wonder... And that, that the waiter at the restaurant in Vynogradin, Ukraine served us with an unbelievable kindness and in the end he just mentioned: "I still remember Zsuzsa néni..." - he was a participant of the camp in 1995. At the reception of the Danubius Hotel in Sovata, Romania another participant (from 1997) smiles at us. On Messenger adds me one - for me a totally stranger - older participant and we are "talking" throughout whole afternoons. And there are always some common themes, common joy, common memories. There are no formalities, everybody is part of the Family. And this is what you simply can't tell with words. One can only understand, if experiences it.

Letters from the participants

The Foundation receives hundreds of letters from the youth after participating in the Students Without Bundaries Program. The 17 days study tour offers real new perspectives for them and ensures them that they are never alone in their fight for a better World.

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